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Tantra of the New Age

Tantric sex is now in the spotlight but what is it and how can it help your love life? Read on and find out,its not what many people think.
We have to make it clear we are writing about neo-Tantra, or the Tantra of the New Age. The classic Hindu and Buddhist Tantra would take years to master and in any event, without a living Master to lead your progress, you would quickly either lose interest, or go astray.
T Neo-Tantra as it is called is a fusion of the yogic principles and our today's busy life.
They can be reconciled and then when applied to everyday events, such as lovemaking, the action becomes meditative, spontaneous and very intimate.
One prolongs the act of making love and focus' on, rather than dispel, potent orgasmic energies moving through you, thereby raising the level of your consciousness.
To help achieve this, the man needs to have proper ejaculatory control, the woman needs to have control over her vagina and womb, and both partners need proper breath control. Gaining this kind of self-control over your body and breath also is applied to your higher nature, and this is why Tantra (classic or neo) works.
In addition to enhanced lovemaking powers, you will find your sexual stamina increases as well when you practice tantric sex.
The Deer Exercise
The deer has been observed in the forest constantly performing a similar movement as described below, and has been ascribed to not only the deer's great sexual strength and stamina, but its life-long youthful appearance. It can also give men a great control over ejaculation and women a greater grasping control within their vaginas.
This exercise is done by both men and women (this is also known as a kegel exercise). Many yogis believe that prolapse (loosening of the muscles) of the anus is a cause of premature aging.
Therefore maintaining the strength of this muscle, can help you to remain youthful.
To do the Deer Exercise, squeeze and hold the muscles that help you retain your urine. As you sit, and tense these muscles, they feel between the scrotum and anus. The muscles are flexed and released repeatedly for a specific count; say to 15, then relaxed for the same period. You can do these exercises anywhere, and everywhere, in complete privacy, and the results can be understood almost immediately.
The Three - Breath Rejuvenation Exercise
This exercise can give you not only control over ejaculation but you find yourself surprisingly refreshed each time you perform it. It can (and should) be done several times during the day. Women will also find that with greater breath control, their orgasms become more intense, longer lasting and more frequent.
To begin, close the left nostril and breathe in through the right for a specific count, say 5 to begin. Be rhythmical, and steady in your counting. After you have breathed in close the both nostrils and hold your breath for a count of 5. Then release the right nostril and exhale to a count of 5.
Without pause, repeat breathing in with the right nostril, and exhaling (after holding) through the left one. Do this at least 10 times. While you are doing so, feel your body filling up with the universal engery (imagine it at the least) and you will feel real tingling by the 6th repeated set.
If you do no more than the two exercises above, you will have achieved more success than you may have reckoned for. The next time you have a sexual encounter, your toned up kegel muscles, and your body, full of universal energy, will perform much better.
In neo-Tanta this translates into taking your time, enjoying the situation to its full, and feeling the wonderful energy of your partner and yourself rising to new heights.
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'Touch' Beyond Touch

'Touch' Beyond Touch
This is an experiential practice that allows us to 'touch' another person's body without being in their physical presence.
First: Close your eyes and visualize yourself running your hand over rough sandpaper, feeling its coarseness.
Second: Eyes still closed, visualize yourself touching a rose petal, feeling its soft velvety texture between your fingers.
Third: Project the lengthening of your arm so that your hand can 'touch' the surface of the wall in the next room, feeling its temperature and texture.
Now, imagine yourself stroking the skin of a person you have caring feelings for...
From this point on, one can practice this 'touching' of anyone or anything no matter what distance they are from us. It allows us to feel how truly interconnected we are with each other and all the physical world. It lends credence to our feelings of being an interwoven part of the whole body of humankind. Feeling this connection with other people spurs us on to act with love as we, too, would like to be loved. 'Touching' beyond touch is still touching
Heart to Heart
This is a platonic practice.
Lie facing each other heart to heart, comfortably, with one or the other bearing most of the weight of the other's torso so that a connection is formed between their lower abdomen and chest. In this comfortable, close position, both stay relaxed and awake, but with minimal bodily movement for a period of time. In this embrace, each should hold caring thoughts about the person they are with. In this close bodily alignment, the sexual energy is aroused on its own in the lower abdomen and spreads from there throughout each person's whole body; enlivening both. After this interlude, the two can roll apart and relax or sleep for awhile. The aroused energy that has been spread out over their bodies remains with each for an extended period of time because it has not been dissipated through a physical release. This loving practice can be enjoyed as often as desired with only enlivening results. It deepens our inner connections with our transcendental self and each other, awakening us to our inner sense of joy and completeness; we overflow with feelings of connectedness with the universe. Lying together in closeness allows our inner energy of joy to arise.
Intimate Communion
This practice is for the couple who have already experienced regular sex with each other and want a more transcendental experience of joy.
Lovingly indulge in bodily stimulation up to the point where the procreative organs are interlocked. From that point on, each press together enough to sustain the arousal but not to the point of either person having a physical release. Our procreative organs have the sublime role of opening the gateway to our transcendental self in addition to giving us pleasure and bringing forth a new human. This highly charged intertwining can last for as long a period of time as both desire and can maintain. The aroused energy spreads out to all parts of each one's body enlivening both with joy, leaving them aware of a greater loving energy within themselves, joyful energy now available to share with each other and the world family through energetic caring actions. Emotional and physical intimacy opens our gateways to Joy.

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Tantra / Tantric Philosophy is founded on the Interconnection and Unity of the Universe. The human being does not exist in isolation, but is part of the One and is connected to all other matter in the universe. The human body in Tantra is seen as a microcosm of the universe (all that exists in the universe, exists also in the human body). The path of enlightenment is through recognising our connection to the dynamic unity of reality.
Through the intimate connection of body and universe in Tantric thought, we can understand how sex and orgasm can be seen as a cosmic and divine experience.Sex may be used by Tantric's to heighten their energies / consciousness / connection to the universe which can aid healing (peace, wholeness, power, bliss) and growth (self esteem).

Then there is the deep soul-searching of long, moving embrace, our bodies entwined and growing together like trees. In one of her 1985 advice columns, Ann Landers asked women this question: "Would you be content to be held close and treated tenderly and forget about the act?" Within four days, she received 100,000 replies. Seventy-two percent said yes, they would be content simply being held, and of those respondents, 40 percent were women under 40 years old. I suspect that if this same question were asked of young men, a surprising number would agree that being sensually and tenderly held is oftentimes preferable to intercourse. In the recent anthology To Be a Man: In Search of the Deep Masculine, writer Don Hanlon Johnson lamented the loneliness of the male body and the masculine ideal of standing alone: "Alone, we ache for contact. That ache, we now know from various medical studies, is a major factor in male patterns of illness, addiction and death."

"In Tantra, sex is used as the cosmic union of opposites, to create the polarity charge that connects with the primordial energy from which everything arises in the universe .. the totality of All." (http://www.askmen.com/sex/sextip/43_love_tip.html